OMG! No, it’s not for “Oh, My Gosh!” it’s for “On Market Go!” the largest thematic bazaar in Surabaya :)

This time we opened our booth in Tunjungan Plaza, the most famous and well known shopping mall in Surabaya.

For this event, we made a special flavor called Kahlua Reef, made using a REAL Kahlua. Here’s the picture of our new product.

SKUP TP OMG Vol 2 Kahlua Reef

And we have a special decoration for our booth! Here is our booth, ready for the big day!

SKUP TP OMG Vol 2 Booth

Our experience in this event was… OMG! (this time it’s the real “Oh My GOSH!”). As soon as the bazaar started, here’s what our booth looked like.

SKUP TP OMG Vol 2 Crowd 1

And here’s another shot of our booth.

SKUP TP OMG Vol 2 Crowd 2

When you receive this kind of traffic for 3 consecutive days, what will happen?

SKUP TP OMG Vol 2 Sold Out

That’s right, a total SELL OUT of our ice cream! Wohoo!

Thank you to OnMarketGo and Tunjungan Plaza. We won’t forget this event and we’re looking forward for the next one!