Welcome to the largest bazaar in Surabaya: Sunday Market!

This is Sunday Market’s 10th and last event. To be honest, we were a bit anxious to join this event because we know there will be TONS of people here!

We were so busy preparing lots of ice cream to serve our eager customers. We worked really hard for two full weeks!

Here’s how our day looked like in Sunday Market.

SKUP Sunday Market Sutos Crowd

What a crowd! We were so tired after this event but we were happy to find out that we sold ALL of our ice cream. We sold ALL ice cream that we made in two weeks in just TWO DAYS! Here’s a picture to celebrate that moment.

SKUP Sutos Sunday Market Sold Out

Finally, we created something special for Sunday Market as our way to say big THANK YOU for organizing this event: A picture collage!

SKUP Sutos Sunday Market Collage

Thank you to our customers and to the Sunday Market organizers. You truly made our stay in Sutos very special!