Surabaya Town Square or Sutos is one of the most popular hang out place in Surabaya. And we are proud to be here for the Francophonie Day event!

Francophonie is a day to celebrate the French Language across the globe. This cool event was held by The Institute Francais in Surabaya.

One thing that’s different in with running an event in Sutos is that you have to stay from 10AM to 12AM – the whole full day! Whohoo!

But thankfully our stand was full of customers from broad daylight:

Sutos Francophonie SKUP Daylight

To nighttime:

SKUP Sutos Francophonie Day Night Time

And here’s some shot from an awesome performance by “The Barefoot Prince” Alif Naaba!

Sutos Francophonie Day Alif Naaba