Welcome to our first ever outdoor bazaar in Pakuwon Imperial! This special event was organized by Made In Publik and it was quite different from our other events.

First difference is the relaxing ambience. You’ll feel like you’re selling ice cream on a sunny beach… a truly wonderful experience!

SKUP Pakuwon Imperial Ballroom MIP 1

But don’t let the ambience tricks you… We get more and more visitors as day turns to night… here’s what happened on our booth at night.

SKUP Pakuwon Imperial Ballroom MIP 2

But all the hard work was accompanied by some great performance by local DJ and musician so we could enjoy ourselves :)

SKUP Pakuwon Imperial Ballroom MIP 3

And the best part is the special guest: the talented and the famous Isyana Sarasvati!

One of our team member was able to get really close to the stage and took a photo of Isyana in action!

SKUP Pakuwon Imperial Ballroom MIP 4

What a great overall experience! Thank you to all customers who visited our booth and we’re looking to serve you again in the future!