Here's where you can find us serving our community with our delicious ice cream. We're proud to be here for you. To get the latest announcement for our next event, follow our Facebook at or Instagram @skupicecream - See you at our next event!

Aishiteru Japan – Tunjungan Plaza

A full Japanese themed bazaar, including cosplay and kimono competition? Why not! This fun, Japanese themed Aishiteru Bazaar event in Tunjungan Plaza was really fun experience for us. Not only we get to see so many cute kids wearing kimono as well as cosplay, but we... read more

5 Days Market WhoopFest – Ciputra World

Back again in Ciputra World, Surabaya! And this time we stayed for 5 FULL DAYS! We had lots of fun meeting with our regular customers, fans and friends. Some of you have traveled quite far from home only to meet us here… we are very touched and happy! Serving... read more

HyperLink – Supermall Convention SSCC

HyperLink has a really high aim: to conduct the biggest bazaar event in Surabaya. Backed by IDNTimes, the online news site, they combine workshop, talkshow and bazaar in one place. And the crowd was insane! In just 3 days, 100K people came by. Definitely a... read more

Pakuwon Imperial Ballroom – Made in Publik

Welcome to our first ever outdoor bazaar in Pakuwon Imperial! This special event was organized by Made In Publik and it was quite different from our other events. First difference is the relaxing ambience. You’ll feel like you’re selling ice cream on a... read more

Tunjungan Plaza – On Market Go Vol. 2

OMG! No, it’s not for “Oh, My Gosh!” it’s for “On Market Go!” the largest thematic bazaar in Surabaya :) This time we opened our booth in Tunjungan Plaza, the most famous and well known shopping mall in Surabaya. For this event, we... read more

Sutos – Sunday Market Vol. 10

Welcome to the largest bazaar in Surabaya: Sunday Market! This is Sunday Market’s 10th and last event. To be honest, we were a bit anxious to join this event because we know there will be TONS of people here! We were so busy preparing lots of ice cream to serve... read more

Ciputra World – WTF Chapter 1

We’re back at Ciputra World at WTF (Where’s the Fun) Vol.1: A thematic bazaar that combines fashion and food! This is our second bazaar in Ciputra World and this time, things get even crazier! We really didn’t expect to get so many new and familiar... read more

Suara Surabaya Radio Interview

We were approached by someone who is VERY curious about our ice cream during our event in Sutos (Surabaya Town Square). He asked lots of questions! At the end of the series of questions, he revealed that he is Mas Adit from Suara Surabaya Radio, the biggest and the... read more

Sutos – Francophonie Day

Surabaya Town Square or Sutos is one of the most popular hang out place in Surabaya. And we are proud to be here for the Francophonie Day event! Francophonie is a day to celebrate the French Language across the globe. This cool event was held by The Institute Francais... read more