Supporting CEC at their English Competition event is our first ever event!

We were worried at first because this is our first time selling our ice cream at an event. Thankfully everything turns out great!

Since we’re still new to the market, we have to explain our ice cream and what make them special to our customer. Our founder and CEO did this very well!

SKUP Ciputra World CEO Demonstration

After that, lots and lots of people came by to try our ice cream. From the first day, the line looks like the one in the picture below.

SKUP Ciputra World Line 1

This was a 3-day event. To our disbelief, even on the third day, the lines keeps getting longer and longer!

SKUP Ciputra World Line 2

We were so glad to serve our customers here. We know for many of you that this is your first time trying our ice cream and we were so delighted to see many happy faces!

One extra surprise for us: even Wyatt and Wayne (from Canada), loved our ice cream!

SKUP Ciputra World Wayne Wyatt

All in all, this was a great turnout for our first event in Surabaya. We hope to do more events like this in the near future and we hope to see you there!