A full Japanese themed bazaar, including cosplay and kimono competition? Why not!

This fun, Japanese themed Aishiteru Bazaar event in Tunjungan Plaza was really fun experience for us. Not only we get to see so many cute kids wearing kimono as well as cosplay, but we also had a chance to give the kimono competition winners our delicious ice cream!

Here’s a photo of the Kimono competition champion with our delicious ice cream. Notice the cute boy on the right, he just can’t stop looking at the ice cream!

SKÜP Tunjungan Plaza Aishiteru Bazaar 2

We also have a special guest star came to our booth, the famous Billy Davidson. He LOVES spicy food and when shown our Chocolate Fireball ice cream, he became immediately curious and immediately tried this unique flavor.

SKÜP Tunjungan Plaza Aishiteru Bazaar 1

Finally, we’d like to thank our customers and fans who always take the time to visit our booth. Thank you so much for introducing our ice cream to your family and friends. It always make us happy to see our ice cream be in the center of your social gathering.

SKÜP Tunjungan Plaza Aishiteru Bazaar 3

See you on our next event!