About SKÜP

A lot of people asked us “What makes SKÜP different from other ice cream?”

Our answer is simple: We serve delicious ice cream for health conscious people!

We accomplish this by using carefully selected, high quality ingredients and blend them with our perfected ice cream making technique.

SKUP Ice Cream Collections 1

Our smooth and delicate ice cream taste come from the carefully selected, high quality imported and local ingredients. Great quality ingredients are a key part in making good quality product and we never, EVER compromise on our ingredients.

But great quality ingredients alone are not enough to make great tasting ice cream. You’ll need to know how to best use them in combination to each other to achieve the perfect balance of flavor.

Apart from traveling around the globe in our quest for the best ingredients, we also perfected our ice cream making technique by learning from many experts from the industry.

This is how SKÜP achieved its unique, delicious and balanced taste that’s loved by everyone.

It bears repeating that we make our customer’s well being our top priority. We want you to enjoy our ice cream and at the same time, feel safe in knowing that you are putting good stuff to your body.

Here are some our facts to help you enjoy our ice cream more:

  • SKÜP uses 20% less sugar on average compared to other brands (both international and local). Because we use less sugar, SKÜP is a gentler ice cream choice for kids, elderly people and anyone who has concerns about their weight and sugar intake!
  • We use NO eggs* in our ice cream. This means there are LESS fat and cholesterol in our ice cream. It is safe for people who are allergic to eggs too!
  • We use NO preservatives and NO other chemical additives that can be harmful to your body. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our ice cream and sharing is never better when you know you’re sharing only the best ice cream with your loved ones!
  • Thus, to make SKÜP Ice Cream more wholesome to you, we made it with 20% less sugar (on average) to other brands available in Surabaya market today and we made it with NO eggs*, NO preservatives, nor other chemical additives.

SKUP Ice Cream Collections 2

You can see more details about our facts here.

We are proud to be here to serve you the best tasting ice cream while being very mindful about your health.

Every SKÜP you share is a happiness you share with your body and your loved ones.

* Chocolate bondage flavor use a small amount of eggs.