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Ranny - SKÜP Founder

Hi, my name is Gerardine V. Budiman. My friends and families call me Ranny. I am the founder of SKÜP and here I’d like to tell you a little story about SKÜP and myself.

I graduated from Auckland University in New Zealand, majoring in Food Science. Why Food Science? Well, I spent most of my childhood helping my grandma cooking in the kitchen and and she eventually gave me my own cookware as a present. I was so oo happy! And I can still remember all the fun that we had together in the kitchen.

Since then, food has been my passion. As I grew up, I am not only interested to food but to the relationships between food, nutritions and science. This is how everything started.

Beautiful Scenery in Rural New Zealand

Beautiful Scenery in Rural New Zealand

After graduation, I went back to my hometown in Surabaya, Indonesia and spent 3 years working in food manufacturing industry. That’s where I gained lots practical knowledge in food industry.

Armed with all the passion, knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated so far, I decided to break out from the corporate world and start my own business.

I love eating ice cream but I find it hard to to get clean, safe and great tasting ice cream without all the harmful ingredients in Surabaya.

I’m a picky eater (everything has to taste good in my mouth) and I care about my well being (everything has to be good for my body).

I feel unsafe when I see ice cream that has too much sugar, high fat content, and many added additives.

This is how SKÜP was born.

I wanted to create ice cream that both taste great and safe to consume for the whole family. I want you to share this goodness with your dearest family and friends. And they won’t feel guilty about eating ice cream but instead feel happy and joyous.

Happy Family Eating Ice Cream Together

Happy Family Eating SKÜP

Here’s the complete list of delicious flavor that I’ve created so far.

Serving good tasting ice cream that’s safe for the whole family has been my philosophy for SKÜP from the beginning.

I want to serve the best ice cream to our customers. If I am not comfortable eating it and giving it to my own family, I won’t sell it. It’s as simple as that.

For this purpose, I’ve carefully selected and use only the best ingredients for SKÜP. I went as far as traveling around the world to pick the best ingredients and importing them to Surabaya. Australian milk, French cream, African cocoa powder and many more… you can see the list of our top quality ingredients in this page.

On top of using the best quality ingredients, I also want SKÜP to be very mindful of my customer’s well being. Here’s how SKÜP does it:

  • SKÜP uses 20% less sugar compared to other brands (national and international). Feel the need to treat yourself just a bit more more ice cream? Not a problem!
  • SKÜP uses NO egg*. This translates to less fat and cholesterol. Also, if you’re allergic to eggs, you can feel safe eating our ice cream!
  • SKÜP uses NO preservatives and other harmful ingredients. We never compromise on quality and we will not use cheap substitute for our ice cream ingredients. Period.

So, that’s how we’re gonna serve you. Feel safe, have some SKÜP and be happy!

Veranny Budiman Signature

* Chocolate bondage flavor use a small amount of eggs.