Deliciously Fun & Healthy

Welcome to SKÜP, the leading brand for premium, gourmet ice cream in Surabaya! We make delicious ice cream for health conscious people. Ready to taste our ice cream?

Make Your Next Party Extra Special

Want to make your next event EXTRA special? Bring some SKÜP ice cream! Our delicious ice cream will definitely light up any party and make your event totally UNFORGETTABLE!

The SKÜP Story

Our aim is simple: to deliver the most delicious ice cream for health conscious people. However, this is not an easy job to do. Searching for best quality ingredients around the world, perfecting our ice cream making technique and obsessing over small details are part of our daily life.


We love our customers. We care deeply about serving the best ice cream to you. When it comes to taste, every little details matter to us. We work hard so that every SKÜP you take will be a SKÜP to remember!

Premium Ingredients

We make our ice cream only from the highest quality, finest ingredients. We will even go as far as finding imported ingredients if it means giving more quality to our ice cream!

Incredible Taste

Our philosophy is that the best ingredients, combined with the perfect cooking technique makes the best ice cream. Our carefully selected, high quality ingredients are processed carefully with our perfected ice cream making technique to give you delicious taste that you won’t find anywhere else!

What's in Store?

Come and see our flavors! We have plenty of flavors to satisfy your craving for premium, gourmet ice cream!